Collective action to preserve the environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Representatives of environmental NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina that took part in the seminar have agreed upon the urge for immediate action to be taken about the burning issues of the environment in B&H.

On Friday, March 28th, ended the seminar titled “Public advocacy for renewable energy systems and preservation of natural resources” with the goal to increase the capacity of NGOs in B&H, through advocacy and the use of legal tools in the battle to preserve the environment.

Some of the identified issues that require cooperative action were:

-          coordination of the local legislation in the environmental field with the international and EU legislations

-          modification of the legislation which enables construction of hydropower plants in protected areas, due to their vastly negative influence on the environment

-          modification of The Law on Renewable Energy Sources and Efficient Co-generation, which treats garbage incinerators as renewable energy sources, due to the fact that this is against the practice and legislation in the EU and the region.

In addition, it was concluded that:

- There is great need and interest in the networking of the environmental NGOs at state level, at the begin at least informally with making mailing list through which to communicate and share information and insights such as public hearings, need for campaigns support, activities etc;

- It is necessary to make an interactive map of the existing campaigns and issues;

- It is needed to make a list of independent experts, supplement of the existing list of Aarhus centers.

Seminar attended 49 participants from 25 NGOs and they agreed that due to the complexity and the magnitude of the problem in the environmental field, it is necessary for all NGOs, individuals and experts to take coordinated action along with the governmental representatives.

The seminar was organized as part of the project titled “The Network of NGOs Advocating Utilization of Renewable Energy and Natural Resources in Countries of the West Balkans and Turkey”, which was financed by the European Union (more information on The main goal of the project is to increase the capacity of NGOs in order to influence the process of approaching the EU in the matters of environmental protection in the West Balkans and Turkey, via public advocacy and with the help of the local population.

You can download the presentations from the seminar here.


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