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Around 50 young people from South East Europe gathered this July on Šolta Island, Croatia to unite and mobilize for climate justice.

- It is our responsibility to hold the governments accountable and urge them to open the borders. -

Persistent Organic Pollutants in Free Range Chicken Eggs from Western Balkan countries

Eggs are sensitive indicators of persistent organic pollutants contamination in soils or dust and are an important exposure pathway from soil pollution to humans, and eggs from contaminated areas can readily lead to exposures which exceed thresholds for the protection of human health.


E – OVAMO project is finished with tree planting action and awards

During last two months, Society for protection and improvement of environment, nature and health „EKOTIM“ was implementing „E – OVAMO“ project, supported by local municipality Novo Sarajevo.
During this project, students from high schools in this municipality have had opportunity to attend lectures about environment protection and to watch documentaries.


Ekotim suing the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, due to poor environmental permit for TPP Banovici


Increased environmental permitting as a solution to environmental problems? Quality or quantity?
These days we are witnessing frequent appearances representatives of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism in which their licenses are presented as the solution to all environmental problems. Usually in his statements they makes claims that are professionally written permission based Environment Impact Study that have been prepared by eminent local institutions.


Collective action to preserve the environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representatives of environmental NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina that took part in the seminar have agreed upon the urge for immediate action to be taken about the burning issues of the environment in B&H.

On Friday, March 28th, ended the seminar titled “Public advocacy for renewable energy systems and preservation of natural resources” with the goal to increase the capacity of NGOs in B&H, through advocacy and the use of legal tools in the battle to preserve the environment.


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