“Recycling the paper in elementary schools” (second part)

The project ended in June 2004 by the manifestation “Urban Green Days” which was the symbolic action of planting trees in front of two elementary schools (those who won second and third place in competition) in Pale and the visiting the protected area of Bijambare Caves, around 20km from Sarajevo, with hundred students from the school which won the first place.


“Reciklograd” /”Recycle city”/

In the project “Reciklograd” (translated as Recycling City) a thousand CDs with the amusing materials which were showing the advantages of using the trash and recycling were published. The basic of this material was the game “Recycle city” which was created by the U.S. Environmental protection agency, region 9. “Ekotim” got the copyrights to translate this game into Bosnian.


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