"Face to face" meeting is hold

Within the project "Joint action for "greening" the industry", which for the level of the Sarajevo Canton implemented "Ekotim", a "Face to Face" meeting was held, which aimed to bring together in one place the representatives of the inspection, the ministries and industries that are accepted cooperation  the in this project.


“Car free day” in Sarajevo, 2002

Supported by the ministry in charge for these issues in Canton Sarajevo and other institutions of this canton “Ekotim” realized the project “Car free day” in 2002. This way the capital of our country joined many cities that had air pollution problems and used to organize similar events. Manifestation “Car free day” in Europe is organized in over one thousand cities, but for the first time was organized in Paris in 1998. The main aim of this project is improving the knowledge about the greatness of problems caused by traffic pollutions and developing the ecological conscious of people and making the government to act towards solving these problems.


The project “Recycling the paper in elementary schools”

This project started in November 2003 by organizing the competitions in elementary schools in Canton Sarajevo, Pale, Trnovo and Prača.  This project lasted for six months and around 30.000 kg of used paper was collected. The aim of this project was to educate children in elementary schools about the necessities of the recycling and other aspects of environmental protection.



“Roller ball”


Celebrating The World Day of Environmental Protection on June 5, 2003 the manifestation was organized. The name of the manifestation was “Roller ball” and its aim was to promote alternative transports.



The project “Street ball playground Ekotim ‘03”


Celebrating “The Day of Planet Earth” on April 22, 2003 in “Kolodvorska ulica”, street in Sarajevo, activists of the organization “Ekotim” made a ceremony to celebrate this important day. Nearby our headquarters the basketball playground was renewed because of the damage made during the winter.


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