Danube Day celebration at "Spring of Bosna river"

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The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, whose representative has the honor this year to be chairman of the Danube Commission (ICPDR), in the pleasant surroundings of protected area "Spring Bosna", has organized a celebration of "Danube Day". At first sight Bosnia and Herzegovina, don't have a many connection with danube, but the fact that 40% of the pollution of the Danube River, comes from B&H, speak enough. With a suitable program, and in the company of distinguished ambassadors, as well as representatives of different ministries, at this celebration the best works of this year's competition "Danube Art Master" is proclaimed and prices for winners has granted.


Bosnia and Herzegovina this year chaired the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, and is the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Ermina Salkičević-Dizdarevic.

She said that BiH as a country chairing the Commission, aims to develop an awareness of all participants in this process, the importance of biodiversity conservation of water resources in all countries of the Danube basin.

"The Commission has made significant progress fulfilling the tasks that she has given the European Commission. Already made two river basin management plan is being prepared, and the third will be completed by the end of 2014"., Emphasized Salkičević-Dizdarevic.

Czech Ambassador in BiH Tomas Szunyog said that Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Czech Republic in this case are in a similar situation because even through one of them don't flows the Danube, but their rivers flow into it, and that is an important cooperation of all countries of the Danube on its protection .

"In addition to protecting water quality and the environment requires cooperation in areas such as the transport of goods and passengers on the river, then infrastructure, tourism and more," said Szunyog.

President of the Association "Ekotim" Rijad Tikveša said that Ekotim, since 2004-th, when B&H ratified the Danube Convention, joined by a number of European organizations that organize Danube Art Master competition for elementary and secondary schools, which  provide students from B&H the possibility to participate in the international competition.

"Unfortunately, the work of our children with the task to make something of what they find on the banks of the river have always been made of garbage, and from other countries come to works made from cane, stone or sand, which indicated the state of our rivers," underlined the Tikveša.

"Danube Day" is a joint activity of the Danube countries and is celebrated in 14 countries signatory to the International Convention on the Protection of the Danube River.

How was at the "Spring Bosna" you can see in the gallery:

 One of the activities to mark "Danube Day" was the presentation of the winners of the competition "Danube Art Master".

After the expert committee composed of Muhamed Kafedžić, Branka Turkić, and Emanulah Alić and Porobić Lejla, academic experts in the field of Fine Arts reviewed the entries passed the following ratings:






The entries this year can be viewed here.

This year, thanks to the donation of the "Coca Cola" company, we had a rich program of awards, and the winners of Danube Art Master competition won a digital camera and a trip to Budapest to international meeting of Danube art master winners, with children from the other 13 countries that belong to the Danube River Basin. Consolation prizes, tablet computers, went to the authors of art-work "Green Fish" and "Danube wizard", to children from school "Aleksa Santic".

Given that the work of "patient fisherman" who was applied last year to our competition, was most similar to last year's international favorites, we decided to give them this year, the award of an identical prize as winners of last year, or a digital camera.

Visitors to the "Spring of Bosna River" had the opportunity to see an exhibition of the best works in the past 9 years, as well as winners at international gatherings. Also, the exhibition can be viewed in the gallery below.

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