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Society for protection and advancement of nature, environment and health “EKOTIM” is the organization established in February 2002 by students who felt the need to make changes in comprehension about the importance of protecting environment and nature by giving a practical example. At the beginning they had nothing but strong will and desire to spread the idea about the need of protecting and keeping nature and environment to friends and people they are surrounded. Being aware of the fact that healthy environment is necessary to everyone and by realizing our projects we managed to show that it’s not hard to accept this way of thinking in everyday life. This is one of rare organizations that care about youth, college and high school students’ conscious development, who are basic for future generations.

During the years of work, trough realization of different kind of projects, this organization is developed in the strong, volunteer based organization, which is capable to rise and pinpoint to different environmental problems and provide solution of them.

After all this years of work, we gather experience necessary for implementation different kind of projects and initiatives.

In section projects you can find summary of all our projects realized since establishing.

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